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by V.K. Durham
U.S. Senator, Charles E. Grassley, and
U.S. Congressman, Steve King
cc: Chief of Operations Fraud Division, Interpol

REF. The pending war, and all the documents, letters, information, tape recordings, news paper articles from the encrypted "message" publications, regarding BOGUS BONUS 3392-181 GOLD INSTRUMENTS, RUSSELL HERMAN the MURDERED CEO of One of the primary corporations being used in this BOGUS GOLD INSTRUMENT FRAUD which has "caused this pending war".., AND!, The refusal to "investigate" by the FBI and U.S. Secret Service!
Senator Grassley, your 'position of TAKING NO POSITION' other than to pass on to me a flimsy standard "Thank you for contacting my office. I am always glad to hear from my constituents" etc., when this vital information was provided to your Sioux City, Iowa Offices and Washington Offices.

The absolute negligence, and failure to Investigate, has brought about this current WAR. Your office has been WARNED, TOLD, ADVISED for years of "MUSLIM CULT MEMBERS IN OUR U.S. FEDERAL OFFICES OF PUBLIC TRUST, and in particular THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, TREASURY ETC." Still, the problem went unaddressed. NOW, we are going to WAR and all over FAILURE OF DUTY as prescribed and mandated to those in OFFICES OF PUBLIC TRUST. Senator Grassley, Congressman King. Read the notice affixed hereto from JUDICIAL WATCH. This is confirmation of MUSLIM "CULTISM" in our U.S. Offices of Public Trust.

While all of you were being warned, you found it was better to ignore that being provided from THE CONSTITUENCY for Investigation, while frittering away "Pension Funds" which was not within the Power of Congress to "fritter away" such as the "frittering" by ENRON etc. The precedent was set in"MARBURY vs MADISON" to wit; "Congress cannot give away, that which is not theirs to give"..

Congress is EMPLOYED by the PEOPLE, they are NOT EMPOWERED to give away that which belongs to the People. The Same is applicable for the President. The President was not empowered by the Constitution to SELL OFF and PRIVATIZE the INFRA-STRUCTURE as done in Ex. Ord. 12803.

This Nation and it's people have been seriously harmed by "TOM FOOLERY" of SUPER ARROGANT FEDERAL REPRESENTATION by those in our "Contracted" U.S. Federal Agencies, and overwhelming "Lack of Representation."

As you can see; This is also going to CHIEF GAMMELSGARRD. Chief Gammelsgarrd, through the years, has been constantly kept abreast of this BOGUS BONUS 3392-181 and similar UNLAWFUL CONVERSION ACTIVITY by others "in U.S. Federal Offices such as "The U.S. Department of the Treasury Agents" one of whom was prosecuted by Chief Gammelsgarrd back in 1989 90.
source: http://www.theantechamber.net/
It is reported 80 some nations signing an official criminal complaint against Obama personally in The World Court.
You will find embodied in this REQUEST FOR THE U.S. HOUSE OF UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES ... written 9/23/06
"Chuck Grassley" <
"U.S. Sec. of the Treasury, Henry Paulson" <
"Steve King" <
"William Anderson" <
"Ron Paul" <
Sep 23, 2006 – snip: When 118 Nations withdraw from the United Nations over the fall out from the Murder, Forgery and False Notary of an individual's signature who has been dead and buried for 4 years when his signature is notarized, and this 'fabrication of prime bank instruments' which allege to be the murdered man's property..which has reached 100's of Trillions of US DOLLARS in Counterfeit US Debt Instruments..intended to "bankrupt" the Mid East Gold Banks.. Then, Gentlemen; It is your Sworn Duty as Officers of Offices of Public Trust to DO YOUR DUTY and Re-Open the House Investigative Arm of Un American Activities and conduct a Full, Formal, Federal Investigation into these matters which has brought those 118 Nations to chant:"Destroy America, Destroy America. America is the devil. We want peace not war." You can read the verification athttp://www.islamonline.net/english/news/2003-02/16/article02.shtml .
Being fully informed US (Corporate) House and Senate Members refused to re-open the House Investigative Arm of Un-American Activities all these years, as nations have fallen due to uncalled for wars as the leaders were systematically wiped from the face of this earth; NO INVESTIGATIONS were ordered?
Its over due.. I remember what my husband said to me and his men on November 17, 1993 after we brought him home from his kidnapping, torture, rape, hung up with meat hooks beneath his collar bones, ribs broken, left hand broken, burned with cigarettes.. as they attempted to make him "sign off"...
WHO WAS MY HUSBAND?! WELL! MY husband was the CONTRA ACCOUNT HOLDER for CI-LTD. He was a Col. in this un Godly mess. When he objected to the slaughter by the CIA of the women and children, and shoving the bodies off into mass graves; His own "superior officers" had him thrown in prison in Latin America. He managed to get out of the prison by one of his female associates, i.e., Cecelia, holding a "gun" on the President of Mexico in the Presidents Office, to allow the time for the Chiapias Indians to get Russell back into the United States. She grew up in Mexico whereas her family was influential and friends of the President.

Barry Seals and Russell Herman, Oliver North, George H.W. Bush, Alan Greenspan, James Baker III, Nicholas Brady, (Hughes Corporations) Bob Maheu, Col. Al Martin, Col. Frank McDonnald, Col. Al Caron, George Whackenhut, Rodriguez and Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, FBI, CIA and MI6 were the original members of WHACKENHUT Services Inc., which was formed in 1955. How do I know this? Russell Herman (Herrmann) told me so, after his kidnapping and torture of October 28, 1993 RUSSELL BROKE "THE CODE OF SILENCE" upon his return home from the St. Mary's Health Care Facility, Clayton Missouri, on November 17, 1993. See:

When Russell was brought home on November 17, 1993, he sat in his chair with that "1,000 yard stare"... Finally he made the following statement [quote]:"If the American People ever wake up, and find out what the Federal Government has really done; I would not want to be in the Executive Branch. I would not want to be a Member of Congress or Senate, state of federal. I would not want to be a judge on the bench. I would not want to be a lawyer. I would not want to be even the local dog catcher. Because; The American People will round all of them up; Give them a fair trial and hang them on the Capitol Steps [end quote]."

I have since heard Ex-President George Bush #41 made a similar statement after his resignation from THE CARLYLE GROUP. sourcehttp://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/OutsideCongresReview.html

VKD. It appears my husbands statement is a whisper on the wind..around the world.. Now we see:

Congress Approval Rating Slides Back To All Time Lows; 83% Disapprove

author: repost

From Gallup: "Ten percent of Americans in August approve of the job Congress is doing, tying last February's reading as the lowest in Gallup's 38-year history of this measure. Eighty-three percent disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job." So what happens when the approval rating hits 0%? Does America automatically revert back to Monarchy (for all you Sid Meier fans out there), and what then? Back to Slavery?
From a furiously capitalist site, where everyone else are 'muppets', and the comments on articles can be rather crude. The bearish apes of finance seem to think they're the top of the misinterpreted and misapplied 'evolutionary' theory, certainly 19th century thinking. I'll bet few have read Darwin, though they like to throw his name about. Dogs chasing their tails...

So why in hell do we keep electing these people? Why can't we find some candidates that are worthy a place in any poll outside of our rigged and somehow sacred two-party system? I've personally come to the conclusion, like them, that the electorate really is severely delusional. Each to his own delusion, I guess.

 link to www.zerohedge.com

Durham/RequestForUSHouse.htm http://portland.indymedia.org/

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