Sunday, July 8, 2012

Drake FB Update

It has come to my attention that people closely associated with Galactic Federation of Light, are taking adverse stands in their posts.
>Those involved might want to take note that the info I have put out IS from sources I am familiar with, personally.
Over years of contacts, I have found which is and is not to be trusted. Thus, I also 'temper' the outed info according to its impact and importance.
I was hoping to avoid doing the laundry in a public manner, BUT, those at Galactic Federation of Light leave me no choice.
>In our distant past, several things have taken place. One of those was a newly formed federation. This was the first time an organization of this size and complexity was brought into existence.
This means that all the interactions between all these differing groups had to be worked out.
In addition, the very size was extraordinary and created or caused a bureaucracy that was time consuming and slow to act.
The Galactic Federation of Light knew of the 'bad guys' infiltrating our planet and could not act quickly enough to prevent it. Further, the 'quarantine' was not tightened correctly to offer a full or true quarantine.
Therefore, The Galactic Federation of Light is one of the causes of our present situation/problem.
ALL involved are attempting to rectify or fix all the things that happened because of the above.
I thank all those involved in this effort, including The Galactic Federation of Light.
>I am, and have been aware of the presence of our Pleiadian assistants for many years. Like it or not they are and have been here trying to help for thousands of years.
The society is a sort of military organizational type. Very organized with a distinctive 'order' or command type structure.
None of the 'star' people are conquering types anymore, as this behavior is not acceptable. This does not mean that all accept humans very readily. Some are only tolerant of our existence.
I had hoped to leave this area of discussion out of the things I have been talking about.
However, just as The Creator has stated, everyone needs to work together in order that mankind can elevate itself. 
I know that as this is accomplished, man will be seen as much more 'fitting' to join with our much more advanced brothers and sisters.
>The missions are well defined.
Man is to clean his own 'nest' as much as he can.
AFTER/during this, then we will be reintroduced and reunited with our star relations.
-I offer that We The People have the first mission...the clean up.
Therefore, ALL of us here will need to concentrate on our 'human' condition.
-Man has made a lot of very serious messes. Even though we are all human, we have terrible problems accepting each other...race, creed, beliefs, and social differences. 
As we become free, the responsibilities of that freedom, have to be a part of a new way of being, in all ways.
>Ladies and Gentlemen, we have enough to do just taking care of our own problems.
Advice is welcome, new ideas, and most of all, letting go of all the 'hate' and artificial disagreements we have made for our own shortcomings...
>The new order is one of peace...nothing more, nothing less.
I suggest we all get busy with our betterment, as ET/Angels will only come AFTER we do.
>The great earth changes depend on exactly how much of this we, as the human race, can accomplish.
World wide destruction or peace?
It is our choice.

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