Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Dark Cabal Update

The article posted below is an excerpt of the full report. I encourage you to use the link provided to read the entire article. This website http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com has a wealth of insider information concerning the state off affairs of our nation.
Please consider bookmarking the website and do some followup reading to educate yourselves as to the depth of what we are dealing with.

Thank you all for keeping yourselves informed and enlightened for our coming freedom!!
We are committed to a constant release of both reports and documents:
  • Documents providing ammunition for citizens in the US and all over the world to question their respective officials and to exert pressure for the truth to come out.
  • Documents to bring the fraudulent financial system to an end.
  • Documents to bring ALL perpetrators to justice.
While money is spent determining if a baseball player lied to Congress, the world financial system is consistently being perverted from within. While the mainstream media focuses on the latest Hollywood celebrity divorce, billions are stolen from the people of the United States through “money” issued as debt. While Dulce and Groom Lake remain a secret, the taxpayers continue to finance the NWO and their own doom.

To our Readers

We appreciate all the support we’ve received. Many of you inquire as to what you can do to help in the battle against the cabal. In response to that, we will be more active in the future, providing more frequent reports with additional documents. These new documents we’ve received are from a growing list of former participants in the greatest financial fraud in the history of mankind. But they are participants no longer, and each is now assisting the White Hats all over the globe to bring the cabal to justice.

Therefore, those of you who volunteer will hereby be designated as Deputies, forming the “Truth Posse” to assist The White Hats in exposing the cabal. We are dead serious about this. Assignments will be coming up.
It’s time for the dirty deeds of the cabal to be exposed once and for all. After all, we’re only talking about your lives, the future of mankind and…..2012.

Ticket? Ticket for what?

Our coming series of reports will give you the background so that we can then explain what the tickets are and who is handing them out. This will be crucial information. We have followed the money trail doggedly and it has led us through the exposures we have revealed to date…but they will seem irrelevant compared to the exposures to come. Dulce, Groom Lake, black projects, reverse engineering, advanced technology are among the revelations to follow.

At the beginning of this report, we called our activities “a game.” Let us be clear.


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