Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Market Crash in the Works?


STOCK MARKET CRASHING: DuPont Is Lower By 98%, Bank Of Canada Is To Withdraw Stimulus, BERNANKE Leaving The Fed!!

Weak Outlooks Doom Dow to Worst Day in 4 Months
The Dow slid a dizzying 243 points on Tuesday -- and it's all because investors are now waking up to a harsh new reality.
Stocks Tumble Under Troubling News
Weak Outlooks Doom Dow to Worst Day in 4 Months - DailyFinance

Maybe some of you think this is bad...but I tell you this is a good sign that the cabal is falling to their knees.
We will not see change until the old goes away.
The old must die before the new can rise.
As soon as the economy crashes...we will get the new banking...the new currency...the end of the fed res...the end of the IRS...the end of frn's...the prosperity programs will roll out and many more events will kick off all due the this inevitable crash.
I saw this coming 10 yeas ago...but now here we are.
The MSM will play this like it is doomday...but only for the cabal.
I am excited... Mr.Ed

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  1. It really is a celebration, if people can just see past the down-time.