Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I wanted to share a story with you to possible shed some light on the directions that our lives take and why IF we listen to that calling, that inner "knowing" we call intuition.

A few years ago while washing dishes I heard a voice say "you will end up with everything". I could not figure out what that meant. I was having issues with my marriage but nothing I thought unmanageable. The first thing I thought was "omg is he going to die?". But time went by and I let it go. Not long after, I heard the voice again "you will end up with everything".  But this time things were different, the marriage was headed south FAST.

We decided on a divorce and I gave him almost everything, I just wanted out. I won't go into lengthy details but in short, he repeatedly broke court order and lost everything. Yes, spirit was telling me the truth. I would end up with everything.

Now strapped with the responsibility of paying for two homes and LOTS of debt, I wondered how I would ever manage. But every month, the money came in and things were taken care of.

I put both homes up for sale in a fast declining market and lost alot of money in the process. But what I wanted to share with you all today is about "knowing". Knowing when to make moves in your life and when not to. I'm speaking of moving in life rather than physical moving here.

I was doing well and with the sale of both homes and other high dollar possesions I didn't need, I resolved to finding me a house ON the water. I loved fishing and boating, it was a passion of mine. I knew it wouldn't take too long to sell the houses so I began looking for that "dream" home that would be on the water, where I could step outside and get right on the boat.

I kept finding homes that were perfect and the price was RIGHT! But they were selling quicker than my home was. I argued this with spirit. After all, I am a good person, I always do right by others and surely, I should be able to have this home I wanted ON THE WATER. I was obedient in listening to spirit, however, I was taking issue with this one. I was repeatedly shown, in many ways, that I was NOT to move ON the water. Well 15 months later I yelled "FINE, I will not move ON the water, just closer to it,,,,NOW SELL THIS HOUSE". 3 days later it sold!!

Now you see what happened? I was resisting what was "best" for me at that time, but once I let it go, I was allowed to move on with my life. Everything is for a reason, we just can not always see clearly what that reason is until further down the road.

I moved to a wonderful condo that was just perfect for me. I downsized considerably to make the accomodations and was left with all the newest things I had purchased before the divorce. At about 6 months, I began hearing "you need to downsize again". UGH,,are you kidding me? I resisted for a couple more months and then gave in. So I downsized again, giving away even more cherished "things". It wasn't easy as I was feeling really squeezed in that moment of time. After all, how could spirit just keep taking things away from me. Should'nt I be recieving?

I've learned to listen to that guidance, I regret it everytime I don't. Less than 6 months later I was asked to take it even further. WHAT???? Oh yes, so here we go again, but this time it was very different. This time I readily gave and disposed of "things", things that no longer served me.

My father began having medical issues not long after and I made the decision to move back home to help with my fathers needs. Less than 2 months later, he fell and had a massive brain bleed that required surgery and we almost lost him. It took months for the recovery but all is well now.

You see, SPIRIT KNEW what was in front of me, much further than I could see and because I listened, the path was easy and a blessing. I ended up with everything, I kept nothing, and I saved my fathers life along the way. Blessings come in many ways, shapes and forms. Be grateful for the direction that "knowing" takes you and you will be blessed no matter how difficult the path may seem.


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