Wednesday, October 24, 2012

End Game Sneaking Up?

I've been asked several times about what's going on, why the lack of news.
There is quiet out there and it seems to come in waves. First dead silence then a barrage of information coming so fast it's hard to keep up.

My opinion, we are at the end game. As with anything that occurs, even in our personal lives, there is a build up before the big day or big bang. If you plan a trip there is not much to do at first, then as time closes in, you realize there is much you need to do, then all of a sudden WHAM it's right on top of you and there seems to be a ton of things to complete. This is what I see happening RIGHT NOW!

Have you paid attention? Do you realize all the tidbits of news in mainstream media (msm) alluding to the fiscal cliff, currency revaluations, more bankers commiting suicide, more arrests, more exposure, the list goes on and on. It's out there and in our faces and not simply concealed within the internet world that so many of us have relied on for truth.

I find it amusing to watch the increase in disinformation being spewed, just in the last few weeks. Everything is getting better, then everything gets worse and we continue on a cycle of ups and downs. The key difference is that everytime we go down, the dip is much deeper and the ups are becoming less noticeable.

If you paid attention to the last presidential debate, there were a couple of things thrown out there and not disputed. One was the fact that China's currency is undervalued, another was a slip about Obama investing in Tessla and small electric cars. These were Romney jabs, and yet Obama let both slide by. Why? I think Obama knows everything is about to slip sideways and turn upside down. I also think he has been playing a big part in the process. That's MY opinion folks, so don't start jumping on me about Obama. I personally beleive that he is NOT what he is being portrayed to me and we have a big shock coming when the truth comes out. I will happily admit I was wrong if that's the case but I go by intuition that has served me well.

Are you invested in IQD (iraq dinar) or VND (vietnam dong)? If so and you follow the trail on that, you will see a convergence of data surfacing. It appears when the end game is upon us that the scary thought of CRASH will also be a Jubilee. From what I can gather it's going to take the currency revaluations to execute the prosperity programs and vice versa. Yes, it's confusing and I won't try to untangle the cobwebs but it's coming and it's coming fast so get yourself ready for a huge shift coming our way.

The financial shift is not the only "shift" we are enthralled in. We are ascending, our vibrations are changing at a rapid rate and many are asking questions about what's happening to them. People in masses are "seeing" things, "hearing" things, noticing auric fields around people and objects, an increase in all senses across the board. I have "seen" beyond the veil most of my life but I am floored at the amount of people who are now seeing movement around them and thinking they are going mental. It's ok folks, we are just changing and you can expect more and more of this type activity as we move along. So many look up to and admire psychics because they seem to "know" things. We are ALL psychic, some just realize it much sooner than others and we are approaching a time when everyone will "know".

Prepare yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually because nothing is going to stop the ride that we have begun, it's coming, and it's coming sooner than you think.

I've heard from sources that they were told a couple of years ago that when we see the market sliding down in chunks is when the release of some 70+ prosperity programs would begin coming out and announcements would be made. Have you looked at the markets? Last week a 200+ dive, then this week we saw it again. It's going to be interesting to watch.

We are moving into a new world, a new era like never before seen and with any "trip" the chaos gets worse before the BANG. Try to relax, be grounded, be prepared and just allow it all to unfold like a beautiful flower. This is GOD's way, as well as his time. We have little control, we are here for the ride. Everything is going to be fine, trust that!!

Expect some very quirky things to be happening from here out, especially in the next few days prior to the election. I suspect we are going to see fireworks coming in all directions. Listen closely to wording if you watch the news, pay attention to the ticker across the screens. All the slips and blips are being put out there to prepare you for what's coming.

Pat attention to details and you will see MUCH!!!

Blessings everyone,

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