Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun and Games - Childish Antics


ATTENTION!!!!! - The freedom of our planet is on the line. Earlier today, a fictitious profile using the name "Last Minute Convert" posted to our group a totally FALSE article that indicated that our DRAKE was to be arrested and that I (Denise) had an attorney named Frank Stevens and accused Drake of instigating things.

IMPORTANT!!! -- We ask that any of you finding this article please send the URL, name of the person who posted it and any other details immediately to

This is a SERIOUS issue. Not only is this person guilty of libel and slander against Drake and myself, they have actually done so to every one of our nearly 7,000 members!!!

In addition to libel and slander, they lied when they used my name and Drakes and they committed plagiarism against the New York Post by manipulating their legitimate article regarding the rapper that goes by the name "Drake".

Immediately following...this went viral and was posted at GLOBAL NEWS AND VIEWS and sent and shared on various other freedom type blogs and was also shared by Our Galactic Family on Facebook as well as 2012thebigpicture and several others.

Fearing arrest, it has since been removed by some or most of these groups.
We at Global Voice ARE taking action against this "criminal" act.

Again, we ask our members to report any links or instances of this crime and who it's posted by including links or screen captures to

THANK YOU ALL for your support regarding this matter. We cannot allow criminal behavior such as this.

Sincerely, Global Voice 2012 - Drake and Company

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