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The Announcement

Listen closely, listen more than once and absorb what is said. This is NOT a channeled message. This was recieved thru Channelled Holographic Access Network Interface (chani).

Published on Jul 31, 2012 by
Information received and translated by planetary reestablishment group G.H.RE.ES through Neutrino Beam receptors from the Andromedan armada near Saturn.

A laconic message to the inhabitants of Gaia, regarding the Draconian occupation of the planet, possible false flag events and the extermination of all life by those that present themselves as "friends".

Secrets lie in symbolisms.
If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." W.B.

The Information contained herein is True, it is the Truth.
The Information released here is long overdue and pertains to our past, present and future.
The Information released here is from a collective and from this human author, personaly.
The Information released here is vital in re establishing the true nature of the Human race in time for the evolutionary leap occuring at this juncture.

If you were drawn here, it IS because you are meant to.
If you feel the inherent urge to learn/remember who you are and what your purpose is, then take time, relax and silence your thoughts for a moment and listen.
Try to remove biases and opinions when reading the following information as it is completely stripped of personal or special interest gain but instead is intended to set YOU free, thus setting ALL of HUMANITY FREE.

We humans are in a crucial and very critical period of our existance, and ALL of YOU feel it although you might not be able to explain it.

You are ALL searching to find IT, to find the TRUTH, and that is why you are here.

After you have learned/remembered it, what you do is YOUR FREE CHOICE.

The INTENT of this information is to help you remember what you already know.
The INTENT of this information is to TAKE BACK what was and should be rightfuly YOURS.

The INTENT of this information is to make you STAND UNDER the FACT that ONLY YOU can HELP YOURSELF by HELPING OTHER HUMANS to HELP YOU, to awaken and thus elevate the WHOLE OF HUMANITY to its INTENDED DESTINATION as an EQUAL amongst the greater COSMOS.

Rejoice, for OUR time is here, for all Humanity.

Remember, you are INFINITE, and span beyond the flesh.


Each post will have a numerical value starting from 1.

I will TRY to keep the information in a palletable format, although the content will be tasking at times to comprehend
most of it is typed by my hands so time is against me

i know that to most of you i am an internet presence, non verifiable hence questionable, i implore you not to let that bias your judgement of what is to follow.

as i sign of faith (and i KNOW this will come back and bite me in the ass) i will state a little of who i am after which i realy do NOT care what your intent or thoughts are towards me personaly as time will prove

i am not important, WE are important
and time is very short, so it matters not, i can vanish as easily as any of you

i am a HUMAN being just little the greatest majority of you all

T is the first initial of my Earth name
i have completed 40 revolutions around the sun onboard the Earth (this time around)
born in Ellas (greece) from greek parents
family from fathers side is generations deep in the semi-secret society of the Lodge of Athens, I AM NOT
family employers have been the "elite" that many so label 'them' second to last being a Bildenberg steering commitee (the others are members of orgs you most probably never heard of)
i was trained(moulded/vectored) in an English public school (meaning private in the UK), one of the finest in 'their' control
later sent to college in Boston MA, USA
worked in various fields from finance, telecomms, food, etc in different countries
was intended to be placed in one of two major multinational coorporations in a top slot (fixed from inside) but refused
invited to join a league of minds across the globe with direct access to ancient and current information on the subject at hand

continued from above....

it is from this source that most of the information is coming from, although my insight from the 'other side' gives me a somewhat unique perspective
we are humans of many nations, countless occupations, and pocess technology that has allowed us to communicate in private amongst ourselves on and off the planet
we have been working in concert with the entities that sent the Announcement whom form the Commenwealth, you can call this off world collective Andromedians.

we are protected and in active battle, although this has been conducted (up to now) by means of silent war
we are armed with technology that allows us to reach anyone anywhere, and can use this tech to listen in to the most secret meetings of the enemy, something that we have been doing for many decades
we also have peers deep inside so called intelligence agencies, military, industry, tech development, etc, in every aspect of the machine that has ground humanity to a pulp in order to prepare for the totalitarian state that is intended to break the body in ordet to conquer the mind and thus enslave the eternal spirit (by individual free will)
we have stayed true and silent until now, for reasons that you will comprehend following

we mean to awaken humanity from its bonded/parenthesised state of perpetual slavery, spiritual, mental and physical, in time for the evolutionary leap that is before us ALL that will send humanity to the stars and beyond
we mean this without asking anything in return or wishing control over nothing as the greater numbers of humans that awaken in time and make their own free choices the more we will gain as a collective
we intend and rejoice in the individuality of all and see the key aspect to being a free thinking human belonging to a community of equals on and off the Earth

we are you, you are us, we are 1


we have 52 days to prove we are all human, before descisions are taken on strategy by the local council of the Andromedians

this is to be achieved from control groups such as this one here in Chani, many others are occuring in different mediums at this time

the key element is to prove to ourselves, primarily, that we can congeal together thus proving to the Andromedians that Directive 3 is attainable

1st lesson to remember (you already know)
RESPECT YOURSELF, for by respecting yourself you are able to respect others in such we can all go forward as equals with our own individual traits and talents

the Andromedians have 3 prime directives (in hierachical order):

1. Totaly and completely remove the Draco cancer from the cosmic body putting 'them' in permanent quarantine, before he spreads to his intended next target of Sirius B, being the cosmic body's lower brain. Such an eventuality would be catastrophic for the whole cosmos on all dimensional planes.

2. Return the Earth, Solar System, Galactic quadrant to balance.

3. Release Humans from the current slavery imposed by cohersion from draco (and minions) so that we can evolve freely without hinderance or guidance and in SELF rule whilst joining the Cosmic Commonwealth AGAIN as EQUALS

Know this:
It is easier to amputate than partake in delicate and daunting surgery
Directive 1 & 2 are easy to complete without Directive 3

There are entities in the Commonwealth that do not care about Humans and see us as ants, their position is re enforced by the fact that we do not behave like Virtous Humans ie HEROES out of understanding but rather have turned egoistic, biggoted, materialistic and war like (not true for all)

We prove those voices correct by NOT RESPECTING ourselves and thus are unable to respect others


the time is now (and i do mean now as you are reading this)
it is time to rethink what we do, feel, think, eat, waste, act

listen to The Announcement again, it is multi layered
read again my attempts at alluding to what i am devulging now in the (!!!)._ thread and PAN-ALL

more to follow on the morrow

I have known of this person for quite some time on another board. I can personally attest that information he/she has brought forward was well ahead of it's time. I recall much information concerning the fall of Greece a long time(at least a year) before it surfaced anywhere else. I validate any information from this person to be good info. I will update as I can on this same thread so if you wish to follow, please bookmark it.


I will begin deconstrucing the tiered or multilevel gnosis contained within the Announcement.
There is volumes of information behind each statement and there are 53 of them (excluding the Greeting).
These 53 statements act as an index to a much deeper story than runs through past present and future like a pulse of photonic energy spanning across the cosmos.
The story concerns Human, Earthly, Solar System, Galactic and Cosmic information.

The original message is transmited from the local galactic government via the transponders on the Andromedian flagship around Saturn's orbit.
It is sent over coded neutrino beams received here on Earth by a decoding neutrino receiver in our pocession supplied by the Andromedians in person.

The language used is predating the classical period and is a mathematical laguage of absolute accuracy that resembles closely the clasical Ellenic script and language thus very hard to translate to modern greek and thus far english with the same level of accuracy.
Let me beggin:

"Greetings" in Ellenic its Chere or Ave in Latin

"This is a small transmission of the local galactic government, prt of the wider commonwealth of 13 galactic clusters"

These transmisions are few and far between number less than 1 per year for the past 15 years to my knowledge, they always come at unexpected times and never upon request. The reason being is that these transmisions have an impact on the time line of the Earth as we perceive it, so in line with the Andromedan non interfering policy they are only conducted at key points in 3D time to ripple through averting and countering catastrophic draco actions (that are numerous times a day via his minions).

11,640 years ago approximately

The local galactic government is represented by the remnants (re enforced at present) of the Ouranides or Dwellers of the Sky after the ancient catastrophic war between the inhabiting Pelasgic Ellenic races that lived on the Earth. This war was fought between the corrupted by draco Altlantean/Ellene (infiltrated by the draco hybrid race that was allowed to land on Atlantis as long as their number were kept to a ratio of 1:180) domiciles and the mainland Europe/Lybia Ellenes. It was a war fought first by conventional weapons between the humans on the Earth of which the mainland Ellenes were victorious pushing back the attacking Atlantean Ellenes.

During this conventional Earthly war the patrons (not gods as many like to portray them) of the Earth Ouranides realising the draco double cross and sinister plan of overtaking the Earth and using it for personal gain, fought a war in the heavens, which desimated both sides leaving draco the looser. draco had managed however to bring into Earth orbit at that same time and after the second attempt (the first destroying Phaethon the 7th planet between Mars and Jupiter being todays asteriod belt) his flagship levan.luna/mini/moon (and sister ship much smaller of dark metalic composition called Lilith currently in lunar stationary orbit behind the moon). Seeing his loss and whilst using cannons (still mounted but now inundated) on the moon, caused gravity wells and sunk the Atlantean peninsula (situated in the Atlantic ocean spanning from todays' Scandinavia to the middle of Africa) and the Mediterranean basin thus commiting his first genocide on the Earth's recent history. draco did this after he had alerted his hybrid race on the planet to travel (mainly) east in order to survive and avoid the genocide.

draco also did this as a clear signal to the depleted Ouranidian (or Andromedian) forces of his intent and OMEGA option of complete inihilation of the planet as he had already demonstrated with Phaethon. His ultimate weapon being "if i can't have it no one can". Seeing this the Ouranides (Andromedians) conducted an orderly retreat and regroup 1/3 in the outer planets beyond Mars using the destroyed Phaethon- asteriod belt as a neutral zone, 1/3 below the Earths surface and 1/3 was sent back to Andromeda (exact position of HQ ommited by intent of the author) to alert the Commonwealth of the situation and re enforcement for a final battle.

As a side (almost suicide) mission a small contigency of ships was dispatched under the command of a Hero that we know as Perseus to the Draconis system in order to directly attack the draco homeland and HQ (exact position of HQ ommited by intent of the author). The Severing of the head from body of the serpent headed monster that pertified any who stared directly at her is accounted for in Myth as the story of Medussa, as the draco flagship levan was severed from the draco homeland and HQ.

While deliberations and fermentations were occuring between the interdimensinal entities compossing the Commonwealth (ommiting details which will be published in time), draco here on earth put his plan into action to completely enslave the omnipotent and eternal human spirit only through self allowance by breaking the human body and chaining the human mind over the next almost 12000years whilst causing another 2 resets of humanity via unatural cosmic disasters using the same gravity cannons on the moon (genocides latest of which is called the Deluge first of which was Deukaleon and Pyra).

The Commonwealth descided to act by free will and agreement but at the same time loosing 3 Andromedian races (known as the angelic races here on earth appearing as the tall Nordics) to the darco alliance compossed of the remaining draco elements in our solar system and entities from Bootes star system (where the moon was constructed some 100's of thousand years ago by lunaforming a natural moon of that system).

The commonwealth started sending ships to block off the 3 exits from our solar system the most important one being the Star Gate of our Sun that directly connects to Sirius B. A permanent base was established on the tiny planet of Xylanthia in the Sirius star system to control the flow of ships between the two Suns. The other two entrances/exits of our solar system are the North and South openings of our Heliosphere (alluded to in the PAN-ALL thread). After the gates were shut (so to speak) and Draco was trapped inside our Heliosphere, the Commonwealth started to dispatch ship first of higher than draco dimensions, to the remnant Ouranides stationed around Saturn. The dispatch/re enforcement was completed in our time line 1982 (by my understanding +/- 2years).

Deliberations with the draco leadership begun occuring mostly in the neutral zone being the asteriod belt, for a means of a peaceful surrender of a now cornered and significaltly inferior in force and dimension draco.
In true 2D thinking draco has refused all offers.

Today we are witness to the final stage of the operation as PROVED by the Announcement.

Deconstruction of the Second Line of the Announcement following here.

Greater depth details shall be provided in the CHANI members forum as a means of show of true interest and not just casual reading. (not up yet) This also provides the means of control of who initialy gets more tactical information all of which is historical as no currect tactical information can be revealed until it has come to pass.

Thoughts, questions, opinions etc can be voiced in the Announcement thread.

Please excuse possible typos, its 1:30am im running on 8hrs sleep in 3 days, my wife i about to divirce me for spending to much time on this and my hands hurt. (i will be proof reading and editing including comments like this tomorrow mind body and soul allowing)

i would wish you a good night sleep but that will not be possible until some things happen on the moon ;) (to be explained later)


"You can refer to us in one word ANDROMEDIANS"

Such a simple sentence and yet one that conceals multi tiered meanings behind it.
A. They ask us to address them as Andomedians as the core group within this strike force is the remnants described above whom come from the Andromeda galaxy. It is this core group that is charged by the wider Commonwealth in heading and spearheading the operations in our local galaxy and Solar system in particular. This does not mean that they are in any hierachical pedestool above the rest but are in charge of this very important mission for the whole cosmos.

B. ANDRAS (hence ANDRO) also means MAN in Ellenic, hence they are pointing out to us that we are related to them by means of DNA and make up, and sometimes by point of origin. They are saying, in essence that we are brothers or equals or the same. As a matter of reference the name ALEXANDROS (Alexander) means ALEX=non dentable, bullet proof, un tarnished hence a MAN that is SHIELDED from all.

C. (Thank you Phillip for allowing me to rest a bit, c/p of your post from The Announcement thread)

if you listen it slightly hyponates the word as it is digitised for the video giving us the combination of two words to form the term.
Breaking the words apart to understand another meaning may be done thus....

ANDRO - the Greek prefix meaning male (Which is logical as they are a collective FORCE of CORRECTION)

An interesting point to bring up here is a medication called :
Andro NK
(It is a High Potency Immune Support medication. that Help to stimulate the body's natural immune responses)

Part of stimulating our response to the infection on Earth. OR to quote “Deal with those Agents”

MEDIAN - In statistics and probability theory, median is described as the numerical value separating the higher half of a sample, a population, or a probability distribution, from the lower half. The median of a finite list of numbers can be found by arranging all the observations from lowest value to highest value and picking the middle one. If there is an even number of observations, then there is no single middle value; the median is then usually defined to be the mean of the two middle values.
A median is only defined on one-dimensional data, and is independent of any distance metric.
A geometric median, on the other hand, is defined in any number of dimensions.



a. "You may of heard of us from other sources, but allow us to establish one critical fact"
b. "During a galactic uprising, that brought great destruction in one third of the galaxy"
c. "certain groups of our commonwealth joined forces with rebel alliance"

a. Having recently gone over this very subject in the Announcement thread, the reader should be already clued up as to the reference of this sentence. Realising that the ANDROMEDIAN leadership in charge of the current situation in our galaxy and more specificaly in our solar system is doubled in opposite polarity, by inward motivated ex allies.
These ex allies traditionaly looked upon the human race as no more than a colony of ants, insignificant and with limited abilities thus existing for the exploitation of any entities that had the technology and knowledge to be rulers over humanity and be revered as gods. In doing so these ex-allies forbode the Universal prime Directive of Truth always rides above all else and sought to join alliance with the enemy in order to further their intergalactic dominance and explotation resulting in a more powerful existance over others.

These ex-allies via their now uber draco lord (of many known names) have been feeding semi-false and false information to various humans that are seceptible and open to mind altering frequencies originating from the loonar transmiters amplified by earth based stations (They Live). The information they are fed is by INTENT designed to either lull the awakening humans back to sleep with messages like draco has ALREADY been utterly defeated, or supplying pseudo details that are meant to throw the awakened off track for example a rupture type situation where humans are encouraged to board so called saviour ships or arks in order to saved from succeding Earthly calamities.

b. This sentence is a book worth of explanations and mythical/historical accounts. This scribe simply does not have the time (but has the inclination) to outline all here in detail. The cosmic battle has been described by many cultures at various points on the recent human time line, the most famous of all being the fall of angels as described in religious texts with the unfortunate and very intentional reversal of polarity as witnessed by almost all examples of this battle that are semi to common knowledge. Another popular reference in today's culture is the George Lucas (of greek origin) cult double trilogy Star wars but again portraying the good as the bad and vice versa.
Of course, the most disambigious (if read with the gnosis of decoding) dare i say accurate account can be found in Ellenic mythology, in which many accounts exist. A good place to start is the Titan wars.
Zeus/Dias (or Dieus Pitar in the vedic texts) having freed his younger brothers from Kronos's/Saturn stomach after defeating him in an earlier strugle (as he ate his children to avoid the prophecy that one of them would defeat him and become ruler of the cosmos), angered his elder brothers the Titans as they did not accept that Zeus should be the ruler over all. The two camps were formed with the Olympians (using Mt. Olympus as base) under Zeus and the Titans under Kronos (using Mt. Orthi as base).
Old and young, male and female took part in this war. Some Titans chose to fight with Zeus like Oceania Stiga with her 4 children Kratos (State), Via (Aggresion), Zilos (Zeal), Niki (Victory). Zeus's uncle Poseidon (being Uranus's 1st son) is said to of taken his side or at least remained neutral. Prometheus (the son of Titan Iapetus) also took Zeus's side and became his right hand and advisor.

The most important ally of the Olympians was Zeus's grandmother Gaia (the fertile abundance) whom went against her children the Titans. The Titan females Themis and Mnimosini did not take part in the war and were later honored by Zeus (and became his wifes).
The battles were fierce without conclusive winners, as the whole cosmos was in upheaval the tides turned from one side to the other. At a very crucial point of the war, Zeus ran to his grandmother Gaia for advice and this is when she gave him her famous foresight, informing him that the only way he could win was to free the Cyclops whom had been imprisoned in the dark bottomless pit of Tartarus by their brothers the Titans.

Zeus set off and after counltess encounters with dangerous monsters (which he overcame with herbs Gaia had provided) in his 9 day journey in the depths of the Earth. Having reached his final destination he fought relentlesly with the terrible monster Kambi and after forcing a herb (provided by Gaia) in her mouth, Kambi feel to sleep and Zeus was able to free the Cyclops. He then asked their assistance which they gave in the form of new weapons including Lightning for Zeus, Trident for Poseidon, Kynea for Pluto (a hat made from dogs skin that made him invisible) as the Cyclops were angered by their imprisonment from their Titan brothers that had kept the rule of the cosmos for themselves.
In the meantime the Titans regrouped and armed themselves with new weapons also. What followed is described by Isiodos as dramatic via the use of both sides of mountains sofar used as cover, ripped from their base and hurled at eachother causing great damage and scaring on the Earth. The whole cosmos shook and rattled, the rocks crashed against eachoher in mid air causing rumbling and loud sounds in the air, and others found their targets causing vibrations and thunderous sound that could be heard all the way to Tartarus. Both sides rushed eacothers bases and some point point Zeus taken by the fierce fighting started to let loose of the lightning (given to him by the Cyclops) in all directions scorching the Earth and vaporising water off the Oceans, forests burnt accros the Earth. The fires reached Choas which after centuries of darkness started to shine and flicker from the tongues of fire.
At the most crucial moment of this final battle Zeus remembered his grandmothers advice. Aside from the Cyclops the Titans had imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus another 3 Titans the Ekantoxeires (Hundred Handed)......

to be continued......

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