Sunday, August 12, 2012

Removing the Shackles

Removing the Shackles

Update: August 4th 2012

A brief review of this week. Very brief, because much of what happened this week can't be openly written about...YET. I'm going to be a bit cryptic here because I have to.

Huge things happened last week, momentous things. While the worlds attention was on the Olympics and the media's supposed "news", meetings were taking place all over the world.

Here's a hint about two of the big announcements this week: Did you really think that the Federal Reserve was going to announce QE3? In order to print money, you need printing presses and various other pieces of vital stuff, you know, like paper. Did you really think the ECB would make some sort of ground breaking announcement along the same lines? They might be able to print their funny money, but no one one will accept it as real currency.

While the world focused on the empty rhetoric of the Fed and ECB etc... far more important and historic events happened. If you read Poof, he gave a bit of a hint last sunday in his weekly update:

Not much I will say, in a public forum. Work is done and it’s all over but the shouting. The skies have been rumbling and the weather forecasts rain on all the crops. A harvest for the world, as it were. Reagan’s appointee can finally take a much needed vacation from the labors and I can go sit my butt on a nice beach and drink umbrella drinks…and never speak of this change over again. It’ll make into the history books, called, “After the World moved On” or “Before the World moved On”…depending on your taste. Leading up to it is recent article that lets you see, the secret’s put. Now the real work begins.

Click HERE to read the entire article

Sign, Sealed, and Delivered.

Vast sums of money being transferred all over the world. Some of which went to the US to support the global currency revaluation and the RV of the IQD/VND. Prosperity Packages are done, sitting and ready to go. Some smaller PP's were delivered a little over two weeks ago, in what I believe was a dry run: testing the system and security for the large packages. Those awaiting delivery of the packages have been on hold all week, waiting for updates on their delivery. Told Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday.... Today...

They are all waiting on one thing: the RV. It all goes together. With part one and part two done, we wait on part three...

Bank screens were far more exciting to watch than the Olympics this week.

We are still minute to minute. Screens are being watched all over the world.

Many people are watching for news of mass arrests, asses rooted in their couch cushions whining about the fact that no one is doing their job right. Cry me a river. Get off your couch, stop watching the circus in London, stop listening to CNN ranting about Obama vs Romney and their never ending soap opera of bull shit lies and misdirection.

Arrests are taking place all over the world and are escalating daily. Want to read about arrests? Click HERE for hours and hours worth of mainstream articles outlining well over 100 arrests in the past month.

Not the arrests you wanted to hear about? Well no worries, they are coming. LIBOR will cascade like dominoes, and the big banks will only be the starting line up once the dots are connected. I also think that the full audit of the Federal Reserve will start a chain reaction as well.

... and all those Politicians, and mega businessmen, and banksters that thought they could sneak into Reno and double and triple dip? Well I guess you should of read the fine print on that document you signed. Don't be surprised when you get a knock on the door and you're escorted to your new home. Oh and Thank you for that generous contribution to your country!!

The world is waking up to the fact that the entire world is corrupt beyond measure. Politics, religion, business, global finance... nothing remains unscathed. But if you think you can back seat drive from the comfort of your own couch, you'd be wrong. Everyone needs to do their part, according to their own abilities and circumstances.

The Big Question is: What are YOU doing?

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