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MUST READ!!! How to become axis of evil – by M. T. Keshe, August 2, 2012, – Many thanks to M.

Source: The Keshe Foundation Forum
We have been asked and requested to make our point clear about the upcoming expected and possible war between Iran and US.
We release the new information below to pre-empt any new plans for new war in the world and a prelude to our conference in September.
We explain here how nations like Iran are made to look like as they become the axis of evil in the eyes of the international community through pre-planned actions of some nations to start a new international crises.
Prepare yourselves as this will be a long read; but it is important that one understands why we call upon nations for our upcoming meeting. We are fully aware of what we are releasing and now we want not only the nations, but the citizens of the earth to understand the real depth of knowledge of the hidden workings of all nations by the Foundation and reasons for our actions, even though sometimes they look as they are against our ethos. (Please advise if you see mistakes in the text for them to be corrected)
The second part of this edition will be released soon by the foundation.
For those whom do not know, here we lay the groundwork for the effort of the Foundation for the peace conference schedualed for the 6th of September of 2012 at the Keshe foundation centre in Belgium.
Our firm belief is that:
There shall be no war between Iran, Israel and the US, as the latters have more and may be all to lose if such an action takes place. This is a clear message from this Foundation. If you are interested to know why we give such indication, please pay note to the following paragraphs in this open letter.
How any nations become axis of evil according to pre-mandated action of the real evils of the earth is easy to understand and to be seen and be read is as follows:
As most of the readers of this forum know and some have listened to my previous interviews over the past years, they know my education background and my work.
It is important to make clear some points for all readers and world audience to know how every nation can become axis of evil according to the agreement signed by the president Reagan and Mrs Thatcher in late seventies and the establishment of nuclear triad connection between USA, UK and France.
In my early work at the British nuclear classified site, I became the reader of the proposal and documents which made it clear to me that the future of the world nuclear industry was well set and with agreement of the above three nations the act of making every nation an axis of evil was signed and sealed by the leaders of these countries for the control of power and energy resources of the future.
In this agreement and In the process of bringing the world economy to its knees and start of the second process of slavery of all nations as they did in early centuries with opium was initiated, but this time using the nuclear industry as the whip of threat and control.
In late seventies It has been agreed that the British use the US military might to force and attack nations and then rub all nations from their resources and then controlling them through nuclear power supply systems and control of nuclear fuel by British started.
To make the triad working, the British gave the right of manufacturing of the nuclear power stations even for UK to US and their companies and with the carrot that even UK stopped with immediate effect all new research in development and building of new nuclear British designed power stations and UK started the closure of all its own designed nuclear power station capabilities.
In return British under disguise of helping US accepted the proliferation and recycling of nuclear fuel worldwide.
Which, this is the most long term lucrative part of nuclear industry.
At the same time with proliferation the UK in the future can force nations to its will as and if materials are not processed they cannot operate their furfur nuclear power stations.
As nations need new fuel rods, then their energy supply become slave to UK generosity and colonial power pressures as past centuries.
Where at the moment this process has already started as UK has been practicing its reprocessing system by profiteering fuel for Japan and Germany in the past decades.
At the same time to keep the French on board, part of structural work in Europe and the nuclear fuel production of Europe were given to French.
Thus in this Triad of nations, they have cut the future of the world energy between each other in such a way that once the oil runs out or they create oil crises, then these three nations excluding Russia and china will become the controllers of the energy for the Europe, middle-east, Asia and south-America.
Now let us explain how nations become axis of evil like the nation of Iran through this Triad of the nuclear control through deliberate and false accusation and by controlling present world media.
Primarily it has to be understood that Iran has been and is a self-sufficient, raw nuclear material producing nation.
Where, in mid-fifties US used to take uranium from the mines of Hamadan in south central regions of Iran for their nuclear processing and fuel supply, and this is well documented in international transhipments of uranium.
Now these mines are in the hand of the Iranian nation, Thus Iran does not need to purchase any fuel and Iran is using its own natural resources for its future fuel processing and fuel production and Iran even has surpluses of raw material to support other power stations of other nations if it is needed in the region for their future power supply.
Thus Iran has and can become a fuel suppler and competition to French and US piece of the cake of the present organised nuclear Triad.
Secondly Iranian nuclear scientists through the help of US in the past and presently through work with Russian scientists have gained enough knowledge that they can reproduce nuclear reactors for power generation.
Thus with the new gained knowledge by home grown and thought nuclear engineers and scientists, Iran now can and has cut into the piece of the cake of US power generation manufacturing market.
Now Iran becomes another financial threat to the member of nuclear triad the USA.
By the same measure, Iranian aircraft engineers being boycotted for parts by US sanctions they have made a full working of Boeing 747 jetliner in Iran in the past five years to service the fleat of Iran jet liners and now one can buy exact parts of these crafts even better quality from Iran rather than US.
Where in producing these systems, now Iran is using the same knowledge in building aircrafts and has gaind the full capability to produce the spaceship program craft of the present trials using Iranian scientists.
Thus the boycott has given Iran the advantage and step up for the new spaceship program systems that has left NASA into the dark ages of the space technology.
Thirdly, now Iran having its own raw material and learning the lessons of oil refinery parts materials boycott in the past thirty years by the west, in the past three years Iran has begun the process of the learning and developing reprocessing of the fuel.
With this Iran can use its own mined uranium as fuel to enrich and use the fuel for supporting its nation with energy once the oil runs out.
Thus Iran with the capability of reprocessing and enrichment for fuel for its power stations now has the power and the knowledge to cut into the piece of the cake of the UK of the triad.
Therefore now Iran has become a supplier and competitor in not only oil, but nuclear industry too with the triad.
Thus the mask of axis of evil is nothing short of the crimes of the past done by nations of the nuclear triad and a new setting for the scenario of the 1972 crises, where this time the British will control the world energy and will take world nations to hostage like pirates of the high seas as they have done for centuries, but in a modern version.
The other recent action of EU boycott against the nation of Iran came about purely by an accident and the greed of Germany which had nothing to do with Iran.
Where, In the early seventies Iran acquired curtail but small prototype nuclear reactor built for Iran by the western nations for training of its future nuclear scientists for its power stations to be built in late and early eighties by them for Iran.
Which, I was presumed to be one of these scientists when and if I would have been returning to Tehran after finishing my education as nuclear engineer in Europe.
Where, this nuclear reactor in Tehran University has the capability of producing low level high grades nuclear materials isotopes needed nowdays in the medical sector of the health of all nations.
Where, this sector of the health radiation industry will worth some 12 billion euros in the coming years.
What has happened in the past years is that the nuclear power plant which is the parallel system as Iranian research nuclear reactor and has been the major producer of these isotopes for years, which was based in Canada and employing thousands of scientists and worker and generating billions of dollars of revenue for Canada for years, this reactor in the recent past has gone faulty and cannot produce and supply the world demand for isotopes in medical market.
Hence this has given a un-precedence chance to Iran to cover this vacuum generated in the market by chance in western world nuclear supply of medical isotopes and this is a curtail material to save lives of thousands of people around the world as without these isotopes no brain scan, no MRIs and other non-intrusive medical procedures can be carried out.
I wonder how many British, American, French and other nationals are not told daily that thanks to Iran we can give your and your children lives back to you.
This does not fit into the image of an axis of evil which the triad have made for Iran.
I wonder how many Americans walk away from MRI tables and thanks to the lives of Iranian scientists whom have covered the gap which was created by Canada nuclear breakdown to save their lives.
We thank you Iranian nuclear scientists instead of them whom never been told the real truth and salute you for your support of world citizens even though you in helping us, you have put your lives in line of danger and even losing your lives by
assassination in you serving and helping the rest of mankind in time of need.
The government of Germany under the nuclear treaty of the Second World War as Japanese government cannot get involved in the proliferation of nuclear materials in any scale in Germany. But German government can appoint proxies and use the third nation for its research and in developing a system to cover the Canadian gap in the nuclear isotope manufacturing.
Thus through agreement with Franc, UK, US and Belgium they have signed a treaty with the rest of EU nations to build a replacement of the Canadian reactor in nuclear centre in Mole in Belgium, which this reactor at the present is under construction.
Thus Iran unwantedly has become a competitor again with Germany and France in the industrial gap which Iran at the moment is helping to save the lives of people around the world.
But Iran will not be attacked until this reactor is operational, as by accident even the president of US can come to need these isotopes of Iran for saving his life or his family, thus Iran cat and mouse game will be done until this reactor is operational in Belgium
This being the reason why suddenly Germany has appeared as the 5+1 (5 of UN +1 of Germany) as nations in negotiation with Iran in respect to Iran nuclear program.
Where, Germany according to the Second World War treaty has nothing to do with world nuclear operation.
Now the role of Iran in enforcing world peace through its newly gained spaceship program:
Iran is and will be the flagship nation for the world peace.
Iran has the capability of not to start any war and stifle all future wars with the present knowledge of spaceship technology in the hand of Iran.
Iran the land of peace will be the flagship nation for peace in these so called enforced crises in the world.
Let me explain in simple words what will happen if the triad of the nuclear nations or their proxies will decide to attack Iran in the near future.
Iran has never past its borders in the past three hundred years and will never do so, as we have found war is nothing but waste of human resources.
In Iran and Iraq war there were prisoners from twenty seven countries in Iranian prisons, these all being recruited by the same nations whom have started the new spring uprising in the past year.
Where, Italian government sold NINE million land mines to Iraqi government to mine and kill Iranians at any cost.
Which, up to today in Iran every day in the past twenty years children by playing in their homes and gardens are losing their lives and their limps to these mines, all thanks to Italian hospitality and greed.
And I wonder what happen to the cries of the advance nations of the west to help to come and clean these mines which they supplied; I wonder how many Italians will give the hand of help to fathers and sons whom have lost their children and fathers in Iran through these Italian mines in the past year alone.
The keshe Foundation is developing system to eradicate these meaningless tools of means for destruction and greed from the land of peace.
Now one wonders why Italians are in these crises of today as they are paying the price of the murderous acts of their recent fathers to line the banks of Italy with blood of innocent children of Iran.
But in this war with Iraq, even though Iran could have cross the borders of Iraq to recapture and finish the old regime, Iran did not cross its accepted international borders.
Iranian nation has defended the integrity of the motherland of Iran for centuries and it will do so if need be again, but this time with its new SSP program, if the triad of nations or their proxies try to pass the international Iranian border lines the game shall be different.
Iran is at this moment in possession of the most advanced technologies known to man, which Iran has shown small power and capabilities of this new technology in December of last year by capture of American spy plane of 27 m long at high speed and altitude and under the control of over 8 satellites.
If need be to enforce world peace Iran will show the full might of spaceship program in an instance to the powers of the world if they cross the borders of Iran.
Iran is the land of Dareush whom saved the lives of my Jewish forefathers and in seventh century the Iranian king in saving the Christians by providing them shelter, whom now this race have become the present descendent of my blood.
Iran is my Islamic descendent forefather’s home and land of peace and prosperity and it will teach the world the knowledge of space and true conduct of the real men of integrity.
Iran has the power to bring about the world peace though its wisdoms and generosity to other nations and religions as has done in the past, without firing a single shot with its new SSP program.
Let us tell you what will be the consequences of any attrac on Iran territorial borders with Iran in possession of spaceship technology.
On the 21st of April in meeting at the Keshe Foundation centre, we showed the system and the video of capability of increasing weight of the system, that allows the submergence of SSP system in the deepest waters of the earth to world delegation present.
And with it within 36 hours from this meeting on 23.4.2012 we received the presidential decree to silence us as they realised what has been developed as thy have nothing to protect themselves from such an advance technological gain by Iran and The keshe Foundation, and for the first time they realised how they lost their craft in December of the previous year to Iran, that the US president asked from Iran for their toy back.
With this technology the submariners of submarines of any nation contemplating to attack Iran through straights of Hormoze and any waters across the earth; The submariners will be faced with instance death due to lack of operation of all systems. As was done with the unmaned aircarft in December of last year. At the same time these crafts will maintain their position in the deep seas and will never resurface for decades, unless they are pulled out of the water through special operations, so once Iran SSP touches these submarin in deep waters of the earth, then no mother and son of these submariners will ever know of the feat of their loved ones.
Above water, military ships will cease working and become obsolete that they will and can be caused to join their submariners in seconds, which this will leave thousands and thousands of fathers without their youth, and so many mothers without their daughters whom are serving on these ships.
Aircrafts which are airborne will drop from the skies’ on the borders of Iran or any point of choosing on earth by Iranians SSP program like heavy metal casted legged birds, that they will not be able to even reach the beautiful borders of the land of the peace.
This lending to more loses of beautiful lives of men and women of USA and their collaborators.
The satellite communication will be brought into absolute halt as Iran has to take steps that no nuclear warhead missiles can be controlled and targeted on Iran and hence most of the intercontinental missiles will fall on the Iran’s neighbouring nations and anywhere over where these missiles are lost due to lose of satellites, and surly non will reach Iran.
US intercontinental missiles will become operational in their berth holes and how many of our cosines and brothers are to lose their lives in the land of US, by action of US military if the misguided action of a few goes through.
Then the question to ask is why the humanity allows this triad of nations to carry all these acts under the banner of world peace and not the real term of its objective of tyranny .
Thus Iran does not need to start the war, but use its wisdom to protect itself as before; the losses will be from those who are doing of the instigation of war and will be in the land of instigators of the war.
What is the solution?
The solution is simple and immediate.
We call upon the triad nations and Iranian government to meet under the banner of world peace in the immediate future, to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of young and beautiful daughters and sons of Mainly US origin as they are the real slaves of the master in the war.
As we have seen as it has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan invasions under the same type of false accusation to loot these nations or use them to supply drugs into other nations as in the past centuries, where again the UK walked away with the loot of oil and national reserves and US paid with prices of the lives of its youth and still paying so.
From The Keshe foundation we call up on the leaders of the world to open their eyes to the song of the peace from us, or the beautiful Whitehouse will only be white by name as its residence will leave the fields of their matters within this structure with no sign of real material life, once Iran has to enforced world peace, without use of war.
The palaces of Europe will ring the belles of justice by its people and not its present residences as the men of truth will open the files of the real working of these houses of horror to stop the suffering of their nations as they are answerable to the nations of the world for whom they have chosen to govern and rub others under their name.
We did not set the scene, but we are the messengers of peace and we are the instigator of the world peace and we have the technology to serve the mankind and walk and enforce the path of peace.
My call to citizens of this planet is simple and straightforward; join us and each other to serve our human race under one banner of mankind and not nationhood.
As under one banner of peace this will carry us through as one soul and one planet and not as divided broken army of nations.
Our decree of peace will take its course and soon there will be no more conflict as each man has the power of the king to serve and not as power of slave to be served by others.
The leaders of the world have become to accept that the seat of kingship and leadership as the seat of serving ones nation and not to be served by the nation, and this has to become the path of every being.
Then one will see that there shall be no servants by force, but man will be servants by choice for and to his fellow men, and earth will be a sea of physical bodies that are and have nothing to do but to serve others.
Whereas from this point on the kinship is amongst the soul of the man and not the physical body of the man.
From this point on we take the physicality of the structure away from the apparatus of operation of the man’s life as we have met all its needs to kingship of the soul of the man.
As in the level of soul there is no physicality to feed, but the essence of equality to protect and serve.
Blessed are the souls whom have received the message of peace not in the physical but in the true realm of creation.
M T Keshe

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