Thursday, August 2, 2012

Keenan Update-here we go

PATRIOTS - TIME FOR YOUR ACTION --- Keenan Complaint Download

 Start...vetting...this; to all of your other networks, groups, etc. The time has come for ALL truth seekers, patriots, seers, peace keepers, et al to UNITE. INUNDATE Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, Foster Gamble (THRIVE movement), Jim Tucker (American Free Press), Daniel Estulin, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General Dempsey, Ron Paul/Republican Liberty Caucus, Joel Skousen, etc. with emails. Tell them to start informing their audiences about Operation Golden Lily, The Black Eagle Trust, the Global Collateral Accounts, the Dragon Family Lawsuit, and the LIENS against the Federal Reserve Banks and the banks of the G7 countries. All aforementioned parties have remained completely silent on these issues. Once they get this information out, it will blow open the doors to the TRUE nature of the entire freakin' financial system, and the house of cards will come tumbling down. REMEMBER: The financial system represents the...
single greatest means by which the House of Guelph, (after the death of Queen Victoria), The British Monarchy and the Vatican have been able to continue their centuries old tyranny in the new industrial/information age. Once this is revealed, the entire system will be laid bare, people will demand arrests, and we can start moving forward to begin dealing with some much bigger issues (millions of tons of stolen gold and selfish human oligarchs are some of the least of our concerns, as we've got much bigger issues on the horizon, which unfortunately cannot be dealt with until these folks are removed from power). Can you imagine millions of Alex Jones followers suddenly becoming aware of the fact that what we are now seeing in the world is the result of the END of the cabal, and NOT the ushering in of the failed New World Order? INUNDATE them. Alex Jones may have a gun to his head telling him to say nothing of the collateral accounts. It's time for him to take a deep breath and VET IT. Same goes for everyone mentioned above. The ONE THING that those in positions of power cannot stop is the wrath of the masses. Throughout history, "Every time that we have pushed, they have stepped back". They fear US more than we could ever fear them. We MUST take fear out of the conversation. This is what feeds these people. They LIVE for it (in more ways than you know). Take away fear, strip away the secrets surrounding the Black Eagle Trust, once and for all, and they are FINISHED. Let's 'git er' done'...
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