Friday, August 17, 2012

Gerald Celente : The World Is Going Up In Flames

Gerald Celente was a guest of the Alex Jones Show yesterday the 16th August 2012 " you have a revolution going on and it is spilling over in Bahrain is ready to go up in flames , Greece is cooked with unemployment rate over 25 percent just officially and then youth unemployment of over fifty percent , you see what's going on in Spain they don't report the millions of Indignados that are taking to the streets's a replay almost of the 1930s just the names and the situations have changed the people are in Franco era depression like levels and then over there in France they just got a new president over there and you read the language of the toilet paper of record the New York Times the self proclaimed paper of record they have a little story over there about the riots going on in France ....the whole thing is collapsing ...they are out of their minds and they are taking us to war with Iran....China exports numbers last month were 1 percent growth virtually nothing , you look at Brazil they just announced a 66 billion dollars stimulus program , the Real is crashing the Indian Rupee is in the toilet and they try to stop people from buying gold ....they are going to call a Bank Holiday if this thing keeps on collapsing ...

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