Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bix Weir - Vet Our Candidates

Let's face it. Politicians are corrupt. It's part of their job description. For way too long Americans have sat on their ASSES and accepted it. "Not my problem." or "What can I do about it?"
I'll tell you what you can do...YOU CAN FIGHT THEM!
4 years ago we were conned once again into electing a front man for the Bad Guys as our President because we didn't stand up and fight. We didn't VET our candidates. We let the Mainstream Media tell us what to think and how to vote.
I ain't gonna fall for it this time.
I'm in the mood to VET our candidates and what better candidate to start with than Ron Paul. Yep - that guy I've been saying is so great for so long. I'm gonna start with HIM.
Bix Weir - Vet Our Candidates!!
Release Your Taxes NOW...RON PAUL!
If we find out that Ron's just as dirty as the others then he's not for us.
If Ron releases his taxes and we find out he's squeaky clean then we have found our man.
Not only that - he will have SET THE BAR for others.
Is this method of vetting a candidate controversial - you bet. But it's damn better than sitting on the couch and getting steamrolled once again.
Now is the time to take action. Get off the couch and send this "open letter" to all the Ron Paul supporters around the country. It's that important that we TAKE ACTION AND VET OUR FUTURE!

Bix Weir – There is a Method to my Madness about Ron Paul, August 15, 2012

Ok. So here’s the deal. I didn’t believe my contact when he said Ron hadn’t paid his taxes and I was just going to blow it off and move on. But then something struck me. If he was right or if he was wrong WE ALL DESERVE TO KNOW BEFORE WE VOTE IN AUGUST. It’s the same thing I’ve been demanding from Romney!
Not only that but let’s play out the scenarios:
1) If Ron Paul hasn’t paid his taxes then we have a serious problem with our candidate and the last thing we need is another President with skeletons in his closet.
2) If he is as “clean” as I think he is and after this big ruckus about his tax situation he releases his taxes PROVING that he’s clean…what would that do to Romney and his little “tax situation”?
And ask yourself this: What other candidate in the history of politics has ever had his own loyal supporter base demand that vital, potentially destructive, information be released immediately?
It’s never been done. They usually try to sweep things under the carpet. I have faith that Ron Paul will survive the scrutiny. I don’t think Romney can.
So let’s whip up the action and I think a great place to do it is at the Daily Paul website here:
It is the most active “Pro-Ron Paul” website with tens of thousands of viewers every day.
Post the letter on the blogs and demand that Ron release his taxes:
Release Your Taxes NOW…Ron Paul!!
This time it REALLY is different.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

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