Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bix Weir update

Bix Weir - Special Report

I released these two articles at the beginning of the year - when things were fairly calm around the world. One was for the Public Road and one for the Private Road...
SPECIAL REPORT: The"Good Guys" Election Strategy
SPECIAL REPORT: Why is it"TIME" on the Road to Roota?(Private Road Members)
Everyone thought I was crazy. I got hundreds of emails saying "You are losing all your credibility by saying all this." My response has always been that the ONLY reason I have any credibility at all is that I have stuck to my analysis and have NOT wavered just to "maintain credibility". It would be intellectually dishonest and I won't do it.
But now here we are 7 months later and those who can read through the FOG of the media can see that IT JUST MIGHT HAPPEN AS I SAID!

Many people still don't believe my analysis and prediction that Ron Paul will be our next President. They can's see THE ROAD forward. I am more confident than ever that Ron is positioned perfectly but I am HOPING that it is accomplished peacefully. I am HOPING that the transition does not turn violent (Good Guys vs Bad Guys) for all involved. I am HOPING that it is accomplished by Ron Paul running as the Republican nominee against Obama. It is not a guarantee but I am HOPING that it goes smoothly.
That would mean SOMETHING has to happen between now and the end of the month to turn the Republican base against Romney. There's a nice long list on the table including tax issues, his involvement in the Stanford Ponzi Scheme and the latest...
Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney for Presidential Bid
Any or all of the above have the potential to force Romney's sudden removal from the GOP nomination process that ends at the end of August. If Romney does stand down that would mean there is only ONE MAN STANDING....RON PAUL.
From that point it will take a big push but the Good Guys have prepared for that as well. Yep...I'm gonna say it again...WATCH FOR SARAH PALIN TO UNITE THE REPUBLICAN BASE BEHIND RON PAUL WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT!
Don't send me the Palin hate mail again. It's a waste of both our our time. I've made myself very clear about this. I explained why she's been campaigning for the last 4 years but not run for anything, why she hasn't endorsed anybody yet, why she keep talking about the "long fights" and how we need a "warrior candidate", I've shown videos of her with Ron and Rand supporting each other. If you can get past the MSM spin you can see what is transpiring clearly.
We are down to the final battles. If Romney backs out and Ron becomes the candidate we can have some hope that there will be a peaceful transition.
If not - Ron will have to run as an independent and the bullets may begin to fly.
Watch closely and help all you can.
We are fighting for the survival of our country.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

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