Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ben Davies – There is a Massive Buyer In the Gold Market
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Source: King World News
Today rising star Ben Davies told King World News that there is a massive buyer in the gold market, and they have been steadily increasing the price level of their bids. So with investors around the world wondering which way gold and silver will break after the long consolidation, today Ben Davies writes exclusively for King World News to answer to that question. This is an absolutely incredible piece that is a must read for all KWN readers globally.
There is a great deal of critical information in this piece. As an example, Davies addressed this key development in the gold market: “We want to state there has been a strong buyer in the gold market these past few months. Also we want to reiterate the buyer in the room is Asian and has been stepping up their buy order, 1545, 1575 now 1600?” Below is the entire piece Ben Davies wrote exclusively for KWN.
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