Saturday, January 19, 2013

Inauguration Day Debacle

The Inauguration of John Boehner and Ron Paul as Interim President & Vice President of the Republic of USA


January 18, 2013
The Inauguration of John Boehner and Ron Paul as Interim President & Vice President of the Republic of USA

If this goes down as we’re expecting it to, life’s about to go through a fundamental change with this inauguration on Monday and the ensuing announcements we can expect any time now.

If you didn’t get that memo, you’ll want to read that now so you’re not caught unawares.

It will be interesting to see if Hatonn’s prognostications are correct, as well.

I checked the television listings for Monday and in the areas of Arizona on Mountain time the ceremonies begin at 8 a.m. and run to 2 p.m. Are inaugurations usually six hours long, or have they built in extra time to tell the truth of the matters and prepare us for the rewriting of history?

I guess a parade takes a couple of hours of air time, but this year I’m expecting things to be a little different.

This is the time that Drake and Co. prepared us for those many months ago; the days when “the announcements” would be on all the media, looping so that everyone on every shift would be able to sit down or fall down in the vicinity of a television screen, PC monitor, iPad, or a radio and try to assimilate the shocking truths hidden from the masses for so long.

Are we ready to soften the blow to our loved ones, neighbours and associates? Are we ready to have enlightening and compassionate conversations with those who may not get “the news”?

Things could well come to a full stop for some when they hear that Obama is stepping down, that there will be a paper ballot election within 120 days to elect new governmental officials, that mass arrests took place, that ETs are assisting to reorganize our government and financial infrastructure, a new US currency will come into play, that the evil lizards that plagued our planet are gone forever, that we will no longer be taxed to death, that we will soon be meeting our Galactic families from the Star Nations…

The elderly may be in denial because they often don’t adjust well to change. Many folks may need a few days to a week or more to come to terms with their new reality. Schedules of all kinds may need to be adjusted.

There will be pain as the deplorable events around child trafficking and satanic rituals are revealed, not to mention negative alien abductions of humans which was sanctioned by the U.S. government.

Others may well be floating several miles above the Earth when they get news of the revaluing of the Dinar or Dong they invested in.

Those who are starving, living on the street or with the constant and extreme stress of wondering how they will keep their home or make their next rent payment or pay their medical bills will most certainly give pause to fully absorb the gravity of what they’re being told by the new Powers That Be—that Prosperity Packages will be unfurled and debt will be forgiven.

People with loved ones imprisoned over trivial charges will learn of their imminent freedom. We will ALL be FREE. Free to BE. Free to make our life and this planet what they were always meant to be—inspirational gifts from Creator.

I think all the above will bring people together as never before. As One. There will be tears and hugs. There will be laughter, perhaps a few fainting spells, but smiles, hugs and many, many questions.

Whatever happens, it can’t come soon enough to vindicate all the Lightworkers, Wayshowers and White Knights and others who soldiered through this most difficult transition in silence because they wanted to make it as seamless as possible to reduce the shock and inconvenience factors for Humanity. What a debt of gratitude we owe them.

And what a wonderful day it will be when we can sit down with those we care about and dream together about what we can and will do with our new-found freedom and the end of war and tyranny. Can we even comprehend that? Some won’t be able to wrap their head around it, but in time, they too will understand that this is the advent of our Golden Age.

Untold gifts await us around every corner as we embark on the promised journey to find out who we are, why we are here, how we came to be on this spectacular planet, and the options open to us in future as Galactic Humans. Ahhhhhh… And so it is.


  1. Hi Shining, i'm oonfused and disappointed. See what Mr. Paul has said. From my friend,... just got through visiting with my x cia buddy, hes friends with ron paul and i let him read this info you sent and he called paul and paul asked for the email, he just read it to him as i did not want the email coming from me. mr paul laughed and said he could only wish and hopes were not disappointed because someone is a hoax on me blah blah blah, he said this is what shoudl happen more viral info letting folks know what a travesty our government is, he said but the email is a hoax and this is the first of hearing something like this. so as of right now if you have your hopes up for this to happen, it not going to happen. Sorry, and i only wish it would be true

  2. Additionally, this came in from Suzy Star...


    Dear Ones,
    So what is tomorrow bring? Good question!!! I, myself feel that Obama has much more work to do before we are ready for the changes we so want, and there are others who share my opinion as you will note from the message below. So we don't have long to wait to find out. Either way, changes are happening and while it may take a little more time than we would like, those who are assisting us can see the bigger picture and will delay things if necessary until it is safe to do so.
    Suzy Star


    Dear Suzy,

    You are a dedicated Lightworker, and I will always love and respect you for all the good work you do.

    There's something I would like to share with you. I've been psychic since birth and have spent most of my 68 years on this planet doing energy healing work, channeling and intuitive counseling.

    As much as I would like to believe the information in the message you forwarded about John Boehner and Ron Paul, I assure you it is NOT going to happen.

    That disinformation originated with the Illuminati. Their purpose is to build up our hopes and then reap the dark benefits of our disappointment, confusion, distrust, fear and whatever other emotions manifest when that event doesn't happen as reported.

    Sending you lots of Love and Peace,