Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chasing the Date

We are in amazing times as we move into 2013 and beyond. There is so much changing and shifting in our personal lives as well as corporate structures. People are awakening to their governments deceit and manipulations, like never before. How did we get here? How do we find our way out of this web of controversy and start over?

Those are hard questions to answer but there are people working behind the scenes to enable everyone to become a part of history in the making. Don't think for one minute this is going to let up or disolve before completion! Give thanks and offer prayers daily for those working diligently to restore our country. This is a global endeavor and something we can't even begin to fathom the complexities of.

There is much at stake in the lives and well being of everyone involved. The old corporate system has seen the last of their good times and controlling manipulative ways. It will soon come to an abrupt halt and we will have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get to work! Oh, did you think for a moment we were in the clear once we allowed others to restore our freedom? You are sadly mistaken! This corruption that has surfaced and is being exposed globally and on a daily basis is just breaking the surface and in the days, weeks, even years ahead we will ALL collectively have to work to ensure we never let this happen again, ever.

Take time to read and study your constituion, get a firm grasp on what it says and exactly what it means to be free, something we have never been in our lifetimes. Educate your children, your granchildren and protect with your life, that which you are about to recieve. Stand up and shout NEVER AGAIN, and mean it. Get off the couch and do your homework, understand how deeply this tangled web is and help yourself and others by having the knowledge to speak and act responsibly. When the time comes for REAL elections, VOTE. Don't sit there and leave it to others to decide. Study each and every person being elected, find out if they agree with the constituion and will uphold it's meaning. I'm talking ALL elected officials; Sheriffs, Judges, Governors, Congressmen, etc. It will take each and every one of us to restore this country, not just the self chosen ones behind the scenes. You have a voice USE IT!

We have many wonderful things that will be coming our way in the near future, besides having REAL Freedom. This includes, among other things Prosperity Programs being released as well as the revalue of well over 100 currencies that will benefit many. Think ahead, how do you see your world? How do you see the lives of others? Make a difference in your life as well as others when that blessing shows itself. Greed is what got us where we are today. Those select few who found ways to steal from us and make slaves of us for their own glory and wealth. Share what you have, no matter how large or small. Little things make a difference; offer a smile, a shoulder to cry on, a blanket or coat to someone who is cold, a meal to someone who hungers or a job to someone that needs one.

If we all work together to help one another, the world will be a better place for everyone and will ensure our children and grandchildren a better existence, with less strife and fighting. Too often we become so focused on "self" we don't see the pain others are in and by remaining in that place of "self" we fix nothing.

Ok, off my soap box for a moment. Everyone is wondering WHEN, when are we going to see these changes for the better. Well folks that is up to each and every one of you. We did not get in this mess overnight, we are not going to get out of it overnight. The angels behind the scenes have been at this for 20+ years and we are just now starting to crack the surface and see some results. It's close, very very close. Everything is in flux right now, people are being arrested, others being removed from positions of authority. Slowly but surely the daylight is starting to shine thru the darkness. There is much left to do but change is quickly approaching. Be ready, ready yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally as it's going to most likely feel you have been slammed into a brick wall and asking yourself WHAT NOW??

Many of us are waiting for the revaluation of currency and it's seems to be on a slippery slope that we can't seem to catch. It's there, we all know it's there, and it's frustrating waiting for it. Realize for a moment, what I have stated above, this is all very complex and it's coming unraveled but no one knows when. I can tell you what I know, things are being done to protect what the blessing will bring. Do you really want it before that occurs? I sure don't! As badly as we want this to happen to make "our" lives better, what is happening is for the betterment of mankind. With the changes you won't have to worry every second of every day wondering how you can avoid this tax and that tax and end up broke in a few short years.

Pray for your country, pray for peace and compassion in your communites and shift your focus off your own situation. I know it's tough, I support 4 familes on my income and am penniless because of it. But that is ok with me because I see the bigger picture, I see relief that will come to everyone, not just currency holders. Pray for a better existence for all and for our beautiful earth to bring us abundance as it should be. Free of chemicals that are making us all sick, creating disease in the world. Expand your thoughts, outside yourself and realize we need REAL change, not just a change in our own finances.

The RV is coming as well as many other wonderful things for everyone. January will be a very important month and many things are happening to ensure we live happy fulfilled lives. DO YOUR PART!! Don't forget about the world after you recieve your blessing or we will be right back down that rabbit hole wondering where it all went.

Love Peace and Joy to each and every soul on this earth,
Much Love B


  1. Wow, Someone on my same page/mindset, have ton's of ideas, will get back to you, with all that: That was a perfect read.......... Daniel Ge on Facebook



  3. Good Job, Brenda.. tell it like it is.. Hope people wake the F up!