Friday, January 25, 2013

A Readers Thoughts

I thank all my readers who offer personal knowledge to the things going on in this world today and always find them fascinating. Thank you to all who write me with your thoughts.
Poof also said that is what was happening, a few weeks ago. He is the only one that can be trusted... but he isn't saying much these days either because he can't or he doesn't know himself. He was authorized by the real powers that be well over 15 years ago. Everyone else was self declaired... which leaves allot of unknowns.
What I have recently come to learn is that this battle has been going on from way before the American Revolution. The revolution was actually part of that battle. Consider this major clue. In Boston there was a tavern on Union Street known as The Green Dragon Tavern. Out of that tavern were held all the secret meetings of the fathers of the revolution including the ride of Paul Revere, which eminated from that place.
At the same time, the St. Andrews Lodge of the Masons owned that building and had their lodge on the first floor, the basement being the tavern. Several of the founding fathers were Masons from this lodge. There was the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and then there was this St. Andrews Lodge... why two major lodges with one not coming under the other? St. Andrews seems to be separate from either the York Rite or the Scottish Rite... but closer to the York.
It is clear that all Masonry was an elaborate scheme for controlling the minds of its participants through religion, death oaths, and any other disinformation. It was open only by invitation to those who showed the promise of success and influence. The process of maintaining control over the colonies went back well before the revolution. What is stunning is that even the participants in the revolution were being played. We just don't know all the hows or whys.
Was the American Revolution part of a larger ploy to officially separate from England so that the people would believe they were free when actually they were just being reoganized? We don't know that for sure. What we do know is that the founding fathers were almost all Masons themselves and untimately they would have been controlled or at the least manipulated and influenced by their puppet masters in England and elsewhere.
And what about this tavern called the Green Dragon. Is that not part of the emblem of those who now hold the balance of power today? Is there some kind of ancient connection between the two? Also, two hundred years ago, people did not use trendy frivolous names like "Green Dragon" for effect like they do today. This had to mean something... especially in the basement of a Masonic Lodge.
With that in mind, if we begin to connect the dots in a much older war we begin to see that there are no coincidences. The battle for America began way before America was even discovered. The battle began even before the Great Wall of China was built... in fact I believe it was the reason for why it was built. China had accumulated virtually all the gold and silver through millenia of trade and they built a wall around themselves to protect their inheritance. India, through the Moguls, did much the same. Between the two the wealth of the world rested at about 75 to100 million tons.
I have been in India for months at a time back in the mid to late 80's and the stories of the ancient Mogul wealth being burried underground were everywhere. Since the time of the Moguls it has been disbursed throughout India by the original family heirs.
All the convenient gas station food stores and smaller motels and hotels now owned by Indians and Pakistanies were purchased with a very small portion of this ancient hard wealth. I doubt it was a very good investment... nevertheless, it is the explanation of where all these guys came from.
There isn't much hard wood left in India because the people over the milleniums burned it for cooking fuel so they must come over here in order to come out of the woodwork. I have often considered who was it that brokered all those deals that literally sucked up all that used and delapidated commercial real estate from all the original Moms and Pops over about a 15 year period.
Anyway... lots we don't yet know. All we can do is trust that someone good... or at least someone better is in charge. A major remonitization and redistribution of wealth is at least a start in a direction away from total insanity.

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