Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bix Weir - Massive WHOLESALE Silver Shortage?

If you've been around long enough you have heard from time to time rumblings of a gigantic silver shortage about to hit the markets. On occasion they are correct and the retail physical market dries up. This usually coincides with a manipulative silver slam on the paper exchanges.
There are now rumblings coming out of the LBMA in London that there is a silver shortage in the warehouses. This is NOT the retail market but rather those mythical warehouses that are necessary to justify the LBMA's physical silver "trading" volumes... 175M ounces of net physical silver per day and over 130B ounces of gross physical silver transfers per year.
It's a con. It's a scam. And the big players who know this don't want to be the last one to cash in their positions by pulling their silver out of the JP Morgan and friends warehouse facilities. This part of the End Game may be the END of EVERYTHING!
Not a bad time to exchange your gold for silver either... in my opinion.
I have posted the Friday Road Trip that deals with the MASSIVE amounts of secret gold in relation to silver. You are insane if you think that gold will go higher than silver when the manipulation unwinds. You can find it here:
You can sign up or renew your Private Road Membership here:
The End Game continues...don't you wish you knew when it would be over?!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

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