Monday, January 14, 2013

Bix Weir - Gold Bugs

January 2013
Dear Friends & Family -
First of all I'd like to apologize for my, on occasion, over the top obsession with talking about financial issues and gold. For me it has been a long and difficult learning process, and I'm sorry that I used many of you as my "sounding board" as I tried to fully understand something that may never be fully understandable.
Second, I would like to offer you a way to GET BACK AT ME by proving, once and for all, that I really was crazy all along! A petition has been posted to the White House website demanding a full audit of the US Gold holdings. The majority of this gold has not been audited (or even seen) in over 50 years. Many of us "crazy gold bugs" believe that it may not even be there or has been swapped with other gold such that the US no longer holds ownership title.
This new petition format states that if we can get over 25,000 signatures then the White House must respond to the petition. Although there is no requirement for the Administration to reply favorably to the request, the answer can only be construed in 2 ways:
1) They agree to an immediate 3rd party audit and the veil is lifted on whether or not the gold bugs were correct.
2) They don't agree for any reason (such as reexamination, timing, cost, national security, etc.) and we know that there is at least some validity to the gold bugs concern.
Either way YOU will finally know if I AM CRAZY!
Please go to the attached link and sign the petition:
Just think...if they perform the audit and no problems are found you get to say..."I TOLD YOU SO" and I will admit my short comings.
Win-win :-)
Thank you for helping me regain my sanity!
(Your name here)
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