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By Marilyn M. Barnewall
January 10, 2010

Albert Einstein came to mind yesterday. Ambassador Lee – or, Leo, if you prefer – Emil Wanta wrote an “Open Letter to the American Populace” in response to inaccuracies included in an article by an international financial journalist.

Ambassador Wanta’s used to the lies. They have been told about him for years by the intelligence community, to the intelligence community, and in numerous courtrooms. Lies have been used against Wanta to put him in prison. And, they have been told to sell newsletters. More lies have been told about this American patriot than I can count. How do I know they are lies? I have access to over 500 files on Leo/Lee Emil Wanta. Some of them are court proceedings and records.

Einstein said, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” I always remember that when reading editorial opinion. It’s one thing to make a mistake. Any writer can do that. It’s another to lie… big, or small. A lie is a lie. Manipulation of facts to fit a story line so as to sell newspapers or newsletters is the worst kind of lie, especially if it publicly defames someone.

Who is Leo/Lee Wanta? Why does he have two first names? If you do an Internet search using either of his names, you may get in excess of two million hits (depending on your search engine). Many readers are familiar with Wanta. He’s the $27.5 trillion man referred to by international journalists TomHeneghan, Tom Flocco, Greg Szymanski, Christopher Story – and me. In a NewsWithViews column, “How High Will the Financial Fraud Reach?” I provided a link to an article about Lee Wanta by Don Nicoloff from the January 2007 Idaho Observer. An article by a Harvard Ph.D. and former Wharton Professor of Economics, Dr. J. Orlin Grabbe, titled “The Big Wedding,” can also be found at that same site.

Some people call him Leo, others Lee. The intelligence community generally calls him Leo. So, too, did Claire Sterling in her book, Thieves’ World in which she documented Leo Wanta’s role in bringing down the Russian ruble – and, with it many say, the Iron Curtain. He refers to himself as “Ronald Reagan’s ‘ Favorite Junkyard Dog’.” In short, he is a financial genius with a great deal of integrity and the depth of his love of country is almost unfathomable.

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