Friday, August 24, 2012


by Drake
From: Deborah Corwyn
Date: Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 7:37 PM
Subject: TO DRAKE - "Labels"
It has taken me 24 hours to respond, I was SO gobsmacked.
The only reason I am bothering to email is becasue you are gaining so much influence that I cannot just trun away and wipe you.
PLEASE ... get above the labels
These Illumists are in every code, every ideology, every religion
There's even a Buddhist arm of it for crying out loud:
If you do not get above the labels, and find other words to describe what you discover, then you will play right in to the religious wars, the race wars, the ongoing conquering, dividing, distracting ... they calculate in inciting.
It must become habitual to use terms such as False islamist fronts, False christian fronts, false whatever ...
If you do not, then it does not matter how many times you qualify it by saying "This does not mean genuine good Muslims ... or genuine, good christians etc ...", you have already done incredible damage.
You have just discovered another "frontline" of their strategy. Then OK ... but find a term that utterly separates it entirely from the everyday people of a certain code.
Sheee ...
Deborah Corwyn.

I do hope I caused lots of trouble with what I said.
NONE of these groups has the guts to clean their own houses.
What does it take for ALL good people to start taking action?
How is it that many are still sitting on the couch???
The only damage is to the pointed headed IDIOTS who feel excuse, none.
SO, I am letting them have it, right between their eyes, and
on top of their boney heads!
Awww, a couple of 'right' calls and it is too much???
YES, it is all about those who intend to rule us, The Illuminati...
So clean your house, place of worship, and lives of these scum bags.
Then I will get a lot more easy to take...not until.
I have had more than enough!
You can have your gobsmack back.

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