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Keith Scott Undressed – Or Why Neil Keenan Has Not Re-filed His Lawsuit, August 27, 2012

Behind the scenes the desperation is increasing exponentially! Two days ago, I received this letter from someone whom I now have taken the time to vet very carefully. I have spoken with Neil about the contents of this letter, and he says what I am being told is the ‘real’ truth, and that this is the sort of thing he has had to deal with and continues to have to deal with, even now, today, as a result of people who want to get a piece of the pie – my words, not Neil’s. In an attempt to expose these rather sick people, I’m going to publish this to put a stop to their behavior. If it does not stop, I have been assured there is much more information where this came from. In other words, if they do not stop, more information of a more serious nature will be disclosed. ~J

Keith Scott Undressed – Or Why Neil Keenan Has Not Re-filed His Lawsuit.

Dear Jean,
I think it is time Keith Scott is exposed for the charlatan he truly is! Since you now know who I am and now have knowledge of the truth of what I say, I trust you to put this story out there, because I’ve about decided that Neil Keenan isn’t going to do it. Instead, he will likely murder along, carrying this man for no good reason. Keith Scott has single-handedly created a nightmare for Neil Keenan, and I’ve decided as something more than just an onlooker that it needs exposing—and I will continue to expose him with more and more details until he retreats completely from the scene. It is not difficult to understand that this story of what can only be described as Keith Scott’s sickness and Neil Keenan’s nightmare is difficult for Neil to tell, since it exposes Keith for what he is – and Neil is not a cruel man, and I understand this. It seems the Keith Scott needs a doctor more than a jail cell. Yet, Neil is also very aware of the burden that is on his shoulders. He knows people are suffering greatly, he’s not going to give up, and without doubt I believe he will soon re-file those lawsuits.
But let me tell the tale.
If you have never seen a 400-pound man undressed, it’s not a pleasant site. Being so naked is never nice, but this is much, much more than not being nice. it is horrific. The image that Keith Scott will leave upon us all is one of horror and deceit. I thought him to be a kind, considerate gentleman, but late last night I received a phone call that turned my opinion of Keith Scott upside down.
At approximately 11:58 last night my phone rang, and when I answered it I found Mr. Scott’s worse nightmare being presented to me on a platter. Scott apparently is a master of disguise. When I picked up the phone the person at the other end of the line described himself as a long time acquaintance of Scott’s. He clearly stated that Scott is anything but kind, considerate or truthful, and has played with us all by using names such as Amon Christenson and AC/DC to correspond with us. I have communicated with ‘Amon’ in the past, and I know how he always made Keith Scott look better than Neil Keenan. I always asked myself, “Why?”, but now it all begins to make sense to me. So that you understand: Keith Scott masquerades as Amon Christenson – and AC/DC!
Let me say that the story I am about to tell reads like a horrible ladies’ television soap opera – a nightmare soap opera, really, and I’m not going to relate the half of it. You just don’t want to hear it. While I’m not one bit happy at having to expose Keith Scott for what he is, when I consider the fact that the people on this planet are having to continue to suffer because of this man’s continued behavior, I feel like it needs to be exposed so that he has no place to hide – and can do us no more harm.
I already knew personally from Neil Keenan that his trip to Indonesia was a nightmare. He had thought everything was a done-deal there, and all he had to do was pick up the documents so he could re-file his case. Keith Scott had allegedly worked six months on procuring the documents Neil needed, and he even skyped him, advising him that everything was waiting for him upon his arrival. Neil then bought a ten-day round trip ticket, thinking that he would only need a day or two to pick up the documents, yet six weeks later, when he finally left Indonesia, he left without a single one from the package of which Keith Scott spoke. He had to come face-to-face with the fact that Scott had not made any attempt at all to do what he said he’d done! His words were only words and nothing more. It then became apparent to Neil that he had to undertake the task of getting the documents himself. Soon after doing so, he began to receive phone calls from Indonesians who were assisting with the case, advising Keenan they wanted to see him and only him. It must have been bad, because he wasn’t even to let Scott know they were coming. By the way, just so you know – Scott is not now nor ever has been a co-plaintiff in this lawsuit. The case was never Keenan/Scott or Scott/Keenan. It was filed as Neil Keenan, and it will be re-filed as Neil Keenan. Others also called and requested that Scott be left out of meetings, including the Sukarno’s. The documents Neil Keenan did procure and carry home with him were because Neil realized what was going on – and set to work to do what he could on his own. Nevertheless, Neil still has to return once more to Indonesia to pick up the rest of the papers, videos, and documents that will confirm the Southern District of NY as Jurisdiction.
The following is only a bit more of what I learned in my conversation last night, but it will give you an idea of the continuing, sick nightmare behavior on the part of Scott that Neil is still enduring -
After Neil received the necessary documents to complete one of the deals that Neil and Abraham Stanbouli made on their own. Scott started calling Neil’s connections directly trying to do a secondary deal with them, while leaving messages with them like – do not let Keenan know we are doing this. Even before such a conversation ended, however, Neil knew everything, because he had the entire system working on his behalf, and he listened in on Scott. Thank God Neil’s friends called him and advised him what Scott was up to. Scott was even sending Neil’s own legal documentation relating to the case to people in an attempt to pump himself up.
On July 7, 2012, when Neil Keenan left Jakarta, he asked Keith to do only one thing for him: deliver a package to someone from Singapore, nothing more. Yet, even here Scott violated his agreement with Keenan, attempting to use this opportunity to cut Keenan out of the deal, but still use Neil’s connections. Then Keith brought in Peter Wagoner – another person who requested Keenan’s help, and together they all made an attempt to steal Keenan’s connections. They sent letters out to bloggers, lawyers, and Keenan’s friends, in an effort to destroy Neil. In particular, it was Keith Scott who tried to destroy him, but Keith did not know that Neil was not without some advantage: Neil listened in on many of his calls. As a result, because the BIS would not sanction the deal without Neil’s signature, Scott lost his first attempted takeover deal. He lost the second attempted deal because Keenan scared everyone away, and again the BIS requested Neil’s signature, which, of course, he didn’t give.
Scott at that time was speaking directly to Neil’s connections at a Major Foundation, and it was here that Scott learned that without Keenan there was no deal, and that if Keenan did not sign there would be no deal. When Scott became upset, he was even told that in order to do any deal he must make peace with Keenan. I’m told they even said, “What did you expect? You are trying to steal his deals. We only work with honest people.” All over people came back to Scott raking him over the coals, and finally Scott told everyone that he just wanted to work alone. To that statement, everyone said, “Okay, do so, but with your own connections!” Often they even let him know they were aware he isn’t honest, and asked him not to bother them again! (Neil said he has letters stating this in his possession!) Scott always called Keenan a pit-bull and later on a Rottweiler—while describing himself as something of a gentleman. I ask you now, what sort of a gentleman is Keith Scott!
The avalanche of deceit goes on to this very day. As I was speaking with Neil, he was receiving messages from his coveted source, and he pulled them off of the machine and shared them with me. Here is also another note that Wagoner sent out that was also grabbed at the same time:
First conversation: [07:02:44] Nelu: [8/23/2012 to 10:18:58 PM]
Peter Wagoner: Keep this between you and me. Abe did not check into his hotel last night so I feared something bad had happened. So I called the Police and they confirmed that he was in custody but refused to give me any details. So I immediately flew to Singapore this afternoon and I just arrived but I have not been able to see him yet to find out the whole truth.
Please do not tell Neil anything as this could be very damaging for Abe’s reputation.
So I am sorry I cannot help you in any way as I am trying to sort out this issue for the time being.
* * * * *
In the second conversation, I do not know with whom Scott was speaking, so I have deleted his name…
[17:55:15] S: Hi Keith, how are you?
I heard that something bad might have happened to Abe.
Can you tell me if this is true?
Is he in jail?
[17:56:41] Keith Scott: Well it seems that way. He went into the Monetary Authority in Singapore. We have not seen him since.
[17:57:01] S: Wow?
No report from him at all?
[17:57:40] Keith Scott: The whole thing has turned to shit
[17:58:09] Keith Scott: now a very big problem, but maybe we should not talk so much about it
[17:58:30] Keith Scott: I am here with no money and no way to get any in
[17:58:40] Keith Scott: big problem
[17:59:09] S: Ok, I understand.
I don’t know what it is about, but good luck and take care!
[17:59:18] Keith Scott: I think Keenan is behind all this problem
[17:59:25] S: really?
[17:59:34] S: I don’t think so
[18:00:45] Keith Scott: I dont know. I just want to get out of Indonesia
[18:01:11] S: Yes, of course.
Be careful, ok?
Peter Wagoner, of supposed Rockefeller fame and fortune, then attempted to step into Keenan’s former position with Scott, but found that what he had to work with was not what he thought. Nevertheless, he attempted to persuade Alex Le Ling Soon, a real gentleman and a very astute businessman from Singapore, to part with some money to finance what Wagoner said was his financial package. The meeting with Alex Soon took place in Singapore approximately eight days ago, and it now appears that Wagoner is not a Rockefeller at all, but part of a professional group of cons led by Gerry Drown a Wagoner associate. They are well know in the Philippines.
In the meantime, Abraham Stanbouli, another member of this same group is now in a Singaporean jail. He attempted to illegally cash some Singaporean notes, and guess who pushed him into doing it? That’s right, Amon Christonsen! Oh, sorry, I mean Keith Scott—he needed money. Broke as they come. Abe, because he is a wonderful person, apparently went over to Singapore and did try to cash the notes—and was arrested. He now is in jail facing fifteen years. What everyone does not know—and needs to know is that Neil understands that Scott had all the information regarding the cashing of these notes. He knew from Scott’s Malaysian friend that former Prime MIninster Le Kwan Yuah stated that the notes may only be used government-to-government. Scott knew if anyone attempted to cash them they would be arrested. Neil was quite upset and asked me why Scott would push his friend into going, and why wouldn’t he tell Abe what he knew?
Finally, Scott himself is under watch. It is very possible that he will soon be arrested, as well, because amongst other things he has immigration problems.
This is the very short version of the story of why Keenan did not come back from Indonesia and re-file. He was fighting a battle that he will win, and as he told me “in the midst of enemies I found friends”, but their names are not Amon Christenson, or AC/DC, or Keith Scott!”
Jean, I want you to know that I believe Keenan is going to get everything he needs, and he soon will re-file this lawsuit. It will be stronger—as Keenan also will be for fighting through his ordeals.
As soon as he re-organizes his financing, he will do his best to present to you a different world. He is a fighter and he won’t give up; however, what a nightmare for him! Look at the damage Scott has caused since Keenan has left him on his own. As they say “Desperate people do desperate things”.
Since you have now verified who I am, I ask you to publish this so that Neil Keenan can continue his work unobstructed by this rather sad individual, Keith Scott.
Many thanks!

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