Friday, August 31, 2012

Bix Weir-National Disgrace
There is ample evidence coming my way of first hand accounts of the atrocities that took place at the RNC Convention floor. I will be posting everything I get for the Private Road Members and the first one is here:
Both parties are a national disgrace and I've become very glad that Ron Paul will not be running in "their system" as a Republican. Our only hope as a free country is to dismantle and destroy both parties and that will be done when the global monetary crash hits.
Between now and the election the MONETARY CHAOS must begin and the criminals must be arrested. And there is talk of just that happening very soon. The Good Guys are livid as they have tried to do everything legally and by the rules without disrupting the apple cart but now they know that it will not be possible.
More inside scoop in tomorrows Friday Road Trip.
Stay safe out there.

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