Monday, August 27, 2012

An Open Message to Police & Military

by Drake
Either you are part of the solution or you are part of the problem.
Which is it?
I would offer that just as we are working towards FREEDOM, there
is a second part we have not addressed.
I offer that the decision has to be made by our military and all policing
>Do you want your reputation restored?
IF so, all of those who are of the understanding of correct conduct
need to take the action of upholding what they have sworn to uphold.
That no unconstitutional actions of any kind will be taken against
We The People.
ALL provisions of our founding documents be upheld as The Standard
to be followed.
Most people are fed up in one way or another, and the actions listed
above will show that our military and policing agencies are just as fed up with
being required to violate their oaths.
For those who do not understand, it is simple. The military and police
have the same reputation that the Militias have, that of being armed terrorists.
This is why I advocate that every individual reconsider their actions and
the actions they are ordered to it constitutional?
Does any of the above have the courage to go public on this?

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