Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here We Go....................Let the Good Times Roll

Interesting time we are living in. So much in flux, yet so much coming together to form a beautiful picture of the brand new world ahead of us.

The road has been winding with lots of twists and turns. There were bumps in the road and sometimes deep pot holes we ran into that assured us of a slow down. The occasional flat tire or bent rim was just the product of the bumps and holes.

The pavement appears to have been fixed and the road is smoothing out, pushing us along to a straighter existence. The new will linger for many years if gaurded and nurtured as we travel along a brand new path to freedom.

We have many to thank for the sun shining down on us. Each day brighter than the last, and the rainy gloomy days coming to an end. It took the world to see the pitfalls and come together to repair the damage and bring those together who have fought to save ourselves as well as our fellow man.

The future is bright and full of promise. Remeber to take care of it this time, teach your children, your grandchildren and pass it on for generations to come. History will be written and rewritten and the world will stand in awe of the miracles being delivered.

Never forget who you are and where you came from, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Pay it forward each and every day and you will see the world change before your eyes. So much is coming that many will have difficulty grasping the new concepts, grasping the truth.

Truth is what we make of it. It is a journey of the soul and not one person stands in the exact spot of another. Share your knowledge, your ideas and your loving care with everyone you encounter. Now is the time to rejoice and bring forward the perpetual change that is coming.

Most of all spread the love to one another. Be kind and grateful each day and learn to be that beakon of light that shines the way for others to follow. Come together and create the world you wish to pass as a legacy to others. It takes everyone as a collective to make those dreams manifest and come forward.

Do not live in fear, always remember that fear is a control mechanism. When we live fearing, we succumb to the whims of those offering protection. Stand up and be counted, live in the heart and see thru the heart center and you will know what the soul is saying.

Enjoy your new lives and bless those around you. We have so much to be thankful for, and more is coming. Months will be counted, and each one will expose a new wonder if you are paying attention. Be the best you can be and others will follow suit.

Fulfill your dreams and wishes and find peace within. Then show others the path and lets fix what's broken and make it brand new. What a sight to see, as we turn back the hands of time to a simpler existence, but with new technology that will forever change us.

Be blessed, have fun, come to peace within and enjoy the new YOU, the new US, the new WORLD.
Much love to you all and I thank everyone for holding the light for others and keeping spirits high and flying until we reached set goals. Continue to set those goals and make them count.

I have been so blessed to have encountered some of the most caring and gracious people on this journey. I know all will do good things and make this a memory that will last forever. A very special thanks to all who have fought this battle for many years and will continue to do so, to right the wrongs that were cast upon us. I also thank all of you who shared in the dream, and help get us all to the light just outside the tunnel (you know who your are). Love you all, be at peace, and remember bless others.

Love and Light to you all,
Brenda (aka Shining)

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